Solidarity in fierce fight to save sacked SABC journos

By Drum Digital
21 July 2016

By Brenda Sekgota

Solidarity trade union representing fired SABC journalists Foeta Krige, Suna Venter, Krivani Pillay and Jacques Steenkamp will request that the decision to dismiss the journalists be set aside.

Addressing the media outside the Labour Court in Johannesburg, Dirk Hermann, solidarity chief executive said he had anticipated that the SABC would argue for a postponement.

“We are aware that the SABC’s opposition papers are not ready for today’s hearing and they have been given sufficient time and notice and this is nothing but another attempt to frustrate and avoid legal processes,” said Hermann.

The trade union requested that the SABC establish who in the organisation was responsible for the decision to dismiss the journalists and that the court grants a cost order against those persons in their individual capacity.

However, Solidarity’s legal team was unable to place their arguments forward to the court, as the SABC’s legal team argued that they were unprepared and therefore requested the court to grant them time to draw up the necessary affidavits.

The matter to postpone the hearing was first argued in Judge Robert le Grange’s chambers, however the matter was moved to the court as the two parties couldn’t reach an agreement.

During the court proceedings, the SABC’s legal team finally agreed to continue with the hearing tomorrow, they argued that they have tried to contact their clients but no avail.

Judge Robert le Grange was not convinced by this reason.

“Your clients should have expected that once they officially fired journalists on Monday, the journalists would take the necessary legal steps,” said Le Grange.

The case was postponed to Friday, as the SABC legal team needed to submit the necessary affidavits by 19:00 this (Thursday) evening.

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