Somizi has some advice for couples

By Drum Digital
23 June 2017

Somizi says he knows money can ruin relationships

Radio and media personality Somizi says when it comes to love and money couples need to be realistic and not just be led by love. Speaking on the subject on Fresh Breakfast Somizi said he has been in a situation where he dated someone who because of their financial differences didn’t work out.

“No matter how much you are in love, a person that financially depends on you all the time can end up being like an object or possession to you,” Somizi said

“There is a certain level of control, when someone has more money than the other in the relationship,” he added.

Somizi added that he is not saying that a couple should earn the same amount of money but there should at least be independent of each other.

“It’s easier when there is independence on both sides of the relationship,” Somizi advised.

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