Somizi served with legal letter from Zahara

By Drum Digital
05 June 2017

We wonder how this will all unfold.

Award winning songbird Zahara has sent a legal letter to entertainer Somizi. The letter is a follow up to the comments Somizi said about Zahara and she wasn't impressed and has said she will sue Somizi.

"He has received my letter but has still not responded. He hasn't apologized or even called me. It was a letter both asking for an apology and warning him not to make jokes about me again," Zahara told TshisaLive.

Somizi hasn't commented about the letter.

"This has become a big issue that has dragged on for very long. He is my friend and I don't want this to go on forever. I just want him to know that friends don't speak about each other like that. If he was truly my friend he would not have said that," Zahara added.

Somizi apologized for the incident in a newspaper article and Zahara didn't agree that it was good enough apology.

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