Song of the day: Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas

By Drum Digital
23 December 2013

I don't know how love could do this to me

I've waited and waited for someone I've never seen

But I'm so sentimental, and I'm so hopeful you'll be here

So, here I am every year, every Christmas. (Yes)

I've wished for you in my heart and in my head

And I got my answer that first moment that we met

And, oh yes, I believed you as you told me, as you said

You'd be here every year, every Christmas

There must be a lesson for me to learn

If you don't trust in love, you'll get nothing in return

Why should I be lonely, don't tell me it's fine

I have my pride, but I'd rather be with you tonight

So much emotion, it's driving me mad (yeah)

But I'll take my chances with these feelings that I have

And I'll come back to this same corner where we met

And I'll be here every year, every Christmas

Mere words can't explain the pain and the fear

'Cause oh, I wonder, yes, I wonder are you gonna leave me standing here

Today's almost over, but I don't wanna leave

Has my heart made a fool out of me?

My friends gather round me with holiday cheer

They say to forget you, to let you go 'cause you're not here

Well, I can't keep explaining what they'll never understand

And why I'm here every year, every Christmas

I return every year, every Christmas

I come here every year, every Christmas

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