Sonia Booth reveals how she and Matthew make it work

By Drum Digital
20 April 2017

We are not perfect- Sonia

Business woman and author Sonia Booth has been married to her husband retired soccer player Matthew Booth for 11 years and this morning on Lets Do Lunch with Thembisa Mdoda on Touch HD she revealed how the couple makes it work.

"We are definitely not perfect. We keep it together by taking each day at a time. It's not easy and we have our fights but we want to make it work, that's why we have managed to be together this long," Sonia explained.

Sonia and Matthew have two kids  Noah and Nathan and Sonia said at times couples stay in relationships because of kids, but that's not the case for the couple.

"Yes we our two boys, but that's not why we make it work. The family unit is important to us so we make it work because we love each other and also value ourselves," she added.

Sonia explained that one thing she and Matthew learned that makes their relationship work is the decision to be mature about their relationship.

"We decided to be adult about the relationship. Matthew is 40 and I am close to 40, so we can't act like children or like we young, we have decided to be grown ups and mature. That's why we work," Sonia said

During the interview Sonia also revealed that ever since Matthew has stopped playing soccer she has stopped watching the game. "In the 10 years Matthew played soccer while I was with him, I never missed a game, and that's because I was watching Umuntu Wam. Now I don't watch when he watches soccer he goes to the next room."

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