Sonia Sedibe on the Generations firing

By Drum Digital
15 May 2017

Sonia said she saw it coming

Former Generations actress Sonia Sedibe says she wasn't surprised in 2015 when the 16 actors from Generations went on strike and were subsequently let go off. According to Sonia, that's something she foresaw way before it happened.

"I knew it was going to happen. It was long time coming because every time we negotiated contracts, they would promise to do right by us the next year but it never happened," she explains on SABC 3 show Trending SA.

Sonia who had played Ntombi Dlomo on Generations for nine years said when she left the show it was so that she could focus on her family.

"It was really time. I was there for 9 years and my kids were really small. So I thought I was gonna focus on my marriage, at the time, and my kids, so no regrets," she said.

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