Sophie Ndaba has so much to be thankful for

By Drum Digital
07 December 2012

It’s been quite a year for Sophie Ndaba but she’s put it all behind her and is looking forward to celebrating some major milestones in 2013

It seems nothing can keep ?the irrepressible Sophie Ndaba down. Just last year she was planning her dream wedding and a life with her new husband but sadly that fairytale is over. In spite of this setback , however, Sophie’s spirit just keeps on soaring.

She’s just as busy and fabulous as ever but the ever-occupied socialite always makes time for DRUM. Despite a weekend of jetting around the country, she still agrees to an 8am shoot and walks into the DRUM studio looking as glamorous as ever. But it’s her trademark megawatt grin and smiling eyes that you notice first.

Flicking back her perfect curls and tossing out, “Hello, darlings,” in her Queen voice, she sips her coffee and ?says in her usual forthright manner, “Life is wonderful! I’ve got so much going on next year and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m going to be a fabulous 40 and its 20 years of Generations so there are ?big milestones ahead. But I’ve been ?doing plenty of thinking lately and ?looking back over my life, and just counting my blessings.

“Being in the public eye all the time ?and getting all the attention I get, it’s easy to lose focus and to think things are always going to be this fabulous.

It’s easy to think that because you’re invited to a new red-carpet event every week or that because 20 different people are calling you at the same time, you’re it! But I know I’ve still got to earn the love and adoration. I’ve got to stay worthy of the attention.”

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