Special needs students achieve highest number of distinctions

By Drum Digital
06 January 2015

The students attribute dedication and hardwork for their success.

The announcement of the 2014 Matric results, on Monday, was a cause for celebration for South Africa's top achieving students who attended the ceremony.

Minister of basic education, Angie Motsheka was pleased to announce that 310 distinctions were produced by learners from the special education sector, surpassing learners from commercial schools.

Ntoko Mlambo (18) emerged as a top achiever for Prinshof Skool in Pretoria.

While she will only know her exact results when they are released to the public today, She predicts she will receive 5 distinctions.

"I received 5 distinctions during our mid - year exams and I studied twice as much, so maybe there will be a few more," she says.

Prinshof Skool is a special needs school for learners who are blind or partially blind, Ntoko is short-sighted.

"I attended a presentation by minister Angie Motsheka on Monday and I struggled to see it, " she says, " even though she used a large projector the words seemed tiny. "

Her favourite subject in matric was life sciences because she says she is curious about nature and the human body.

"I'm interested in understanding the simple things that humans take for granted. Like why people sweat when their feeling hot," she adds.

She attributes her success to hard work and dedication.

"People who can't see often take longer to learn. We are generally very slow. I never thought we would finish the syllabus in time for final exams," she says.

Despite her vision impairment, Ntoko is a lively and diligent learner.

Emerging as one of the country's top achievers is proof that success can be achieved despite difficult circumstances.

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