Staggie’s parole revoked

By Drum Digital
24 December 2013

Former Hard Livings gang leader Rashied Staggie's day parole has been revoked, the correctional services department said on Tuesday.

"He deviated from his conditions, met members of gangs and made unauthorised visits," spokesperson Manelisi Wolela said in a statement.

"He admitted the evidence presented by investigators and by his employer and apologised for his conduct."

Staggie was granted parole on September 23.

He was sentenced in 2003 to 15 years in prison on charges of kidnapping and rape. In 2004 he received another 13 years for gun theft from a police armoury. The sentences ran concurrently, and he served 11 years before his release on day parole three months ago.

Wolela said evidence of the violations was presented and corroborated by technical evidence obtained through the electronic monitoring system used to monitor offenders and those on parole.

"The parole board referred him for further profiling and ordered that he be taken through a behaviour modification programme designed to assist gang members and leaders change their wayward ways," he said.

On Wednesday, Staggie appeared before a disciplinary committee. He had appeared before a case management committee at Pollsmoor Prison, in Cape Town, a day before.

The department previously denied reports that Staggie's parole was revoked because he joined a political party, the Patriotic Alliance, which consisted of gangsters.

The party was launched in November by ex-convict Gayton McKenzie and his former jail mate and businessman Kenny Kunene. It was reported that Staggie's role in the party had sparked the move to revoke his parole.

Broadcaster eNCA reported that one of Staggie's parole conditions was that he not associate with gangsters, and that by joining the party, he was inadvertently doing so.

Wolela said part of the conditions imposed on Staggie's day parole were strict supervision, agreeing to electronic tagging and tracking, no contact with victims, and no contact with gang members.

Staggie was ordered back to Pollsmoor on December 4 after enjoying the parole which would have ended on March 24, 2014, said Wolela.

"Had he not violated his parole conditions he would have been on full parole by 25 March 2014 up to the end of sentence on 23 March 2017."

Staggie is expected to appear before the Parole Board again on February 14 next year. – Sapa

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