STAR GAZING: Model-turned-actress Gabrielle Union is 42 today

By Drum Digital
29 October 2014

Happy birthday to Mrs. Wade, model-turned-actress Gabrielle Union is 42 today!

Happy birthday to Mrs. Wade.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade married on August 30, this morning she posted this lovely message on her Instagram page: Heyyyyy it's my birthday... it's my birthday... woke up feeling blessed... mainly because I simply woke the hell up. Nothing is promised in this life, not even your next breath. Love who you love. Find your passion and let nothing or no one stop you. Let go of what no longer serves a purpose. Be ok saying no, no thanks or HELL naw... I learned saying no lowers your stress. Be up for an adventure. Take the road less traveled. When you're wrong simply admit it, take responsibility and be accountable. Be so busy living the life of your dreams that there's simply no time leftover for negativity, hostility, or gossip. Some wise women once said "…

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