Starting over (1/7)

By Drum Digital
27 July 2015

The new job was great – until the boss’ girlfriend stepped in.

Phoi had to pinch herself to know it was for real. For months now she had been looking around for another job. She had begun to think she would be stuck forever in the same hotel, until her friend Mercy phoned. “I’ve heard of a vacancy at this small, private guesthouse. Would you be interested in the position?” “Can you tell me a little more about this job?” Phoi asked, afraid to get too excited.

Mercy was well-known in her circle as being a bit flighty. “The job’s there but the thing is it’s in Port Elizabeth. It’s near Seaview, not far from the lion park.” “I hope they keep the lions locked up,” Phoi said. In that moment she knew she was going to apply for the job. Phoi didn’t consider the distance for a moment. She was tired of her job in Cape Town. She’d recently broken up with her boyfriend, and even though she had been the one who’d ended the relationship, it was hard to see him dating Edna from the accounts department. It hadn’t taken him very long to move on to another woman.

Phoi applied for the job through the normal channels and within a few weeks she’d received an e-mail telling her she had gotten the position.

To be continued...

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