Starting over (2/7)

By Drum Digital
28 July 2015

The new job was great – until the boss’ girlfriend stepped in.

She worked her notice, put her furniture in her mom’s garage, and took her friends out for a farewell meal and drinks. The flightto PE was early. Phoi had a moment’s panic when she looked around and saw nobody she recognised. She was still standing at Port Elizabeth International Airport 40 minutes later. The guesthouse had said they would send somebody to pick her up. Tears pricked her eyes, but she refused to cry. She went to sit down and have a coffee. She was far too nervous to eat anything.

Finally, two hours later, somebody tapped her on the shoulder.“You must be Phoi. Sorry I’m late. I’m Maggie.” Phoi pushed her suitcase to the parking lot and soon they were on their way. “I got your time of arrival mixed up,” Maggie said as she braked for a red robot. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell Thabo I was late. Thabo’s my fiancé.” Phoi had noticed her engagement ring.

“I won’t say anything,” Phoi said. She was just glad she hadn’t been left stranded at the airport. She couldn’t have faced going back to Cape Town with her tail between her legs. As soon as they arrived at the guesthouse, Maggie said, “I’m sorry to leave you alone on your first day here.

To be continued...

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