Starting over (3/7)

By Drum Digital
29 July 2015

The new job was great – until the boss’ girlfriend stepped in.

Thabo is also out at the moment.” “What do you want me to do?” Phoi asked, thinking that it was very strange. “We don’t have any guests at the moment. But I’d appreciate it if you could sit at reception and take the calls that come in. You can also deal with any walk-ins, plus you can read our brochure and learn more about the guesthouse.”

Phoi shook her head in wonder once Maggie had left. She had a feeling she’d made a huge mistake in coming here. She shouldn’t have been so hasty in accepting this job.

Thabo arrived back early that evening laden with boxes. Phoi rushed out to help him carry the rest of the boxes from his car. “How was your first day here, Phoi?” he asked. “I hope Maggie looked after you well. Where is she by the way?” “I’m not sure,” Phoi hedged. “She’s around here somewhere. We’ve had three bookings for next week.” “Great, things are looking up! It’s been hard getting the guesthouse off the ground. Come into the kitchen with me so I can hear all about you.”

As the weeks flew by, the guesthouse got busier and busier. Phoi and Thabo developed a good working relationship. Privately Phoi couldn’t understand how he seemed so besotted with Maggie.

To be continued...

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