Starting over (4/7)

By Drum Digital
30 July 2015

The new job was great – until the boss’ girlfriend stepped in.

She was forever shopping, dining out with friends or having her hair, nails and toes done. She did nothing to help Thabo around the guest house.

So Phoi was nonplussed when Thabo explained his wedding plans. He wanted to hold a lavish reception at the guesthouse. Phoi grew to dislike Maggie more every time she saw her. That woman didn’t care how busy Thabo was. She was one of those people who sucked the energy out of a person. In many ways she behaved like a very spoilt child.

Increasingly, Phoi would hear Thabo arguing with Maggie. “Where are you going now, Maggie? There’s lots of work to be done around here before you take off again!” “Just because you work so hard doesn’t mean I have to. Besides Phoi is here now. She can do the work she’s getting paid for.” Phoi got angry when she overheard Maggie’s words. But Thabo was pleased with her work. He constantly praised her.

More and more he left her alone to deal with the guests. Working alongside Thabo, Phoi started to feel attracted to him. At first she tried to fight it, telling herself how futile it was. Despite all Maggie’s faults he still seemed smitten. So Phoi made up her mind that she would leave once her three-month probation was up.

To be continued...

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