Stay fuller for longer

By Drum Digital
16 June 2014

Being on a healthy diet can be made difficult by the idea of being deprived of our favourite foods or the idea that we should cut down on portions drastically.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you're able to go through the day without feeling too hungry.

Go nuts

Nuts have been shown to have a very positive impact on satiety because of their protein and fiber content. A SMALL handful of these nutritious nuggets will often hold you over until your next meal. Of course, portion control is important because nuts and seeds are high density foods.

Choose nuts like peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews and others. Seeds also make for good choices.

Keep your portions in check! One serving of nuts or seeds is about the size of a golf ball.

Drink up

Drinking plain old water can help with your weight management program, especially if you are substituting calorie-containing beverages like regular soft drinks, juice and sweetened coffee for water, which is healthy and calorie-free. For some people, drinking water throughout the day also keeps their hands busy so that they’re less likely to eat out of habit or boredom.

Drink more water throughout the day, aiming for about 8 cups total. Some calorie-free beverages can make good choices, but moderation is important.

Don’t drink your calories. Calories from beverages add up quickly and affect your weight. Most people don’t pay attention to the number of calories they drink, and that can hurt your weight loss efforts. Limit your intake of caloric beverages to less than 200 calories each day.

Make it work

Now that you know which foods have the staying power, it is important to spread these satisfying foods throughout the day into designated meals and snacks. Then you’ll be reaping the benefits all day long.

Slow down and savor every bite

Research has shown that it can take 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you have reached satiety, so take your time and enjoy every delicious bite along the way.

Get in touch with your satiety centre by giving your stomach time to signal your brain that you have had enough to eat and by selecting the right kinds of foods when you do eat. Finding ways to feel fuller while eating fewer calories—now that’s the secret to success.


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