Stealing Diamonds 2/5

By Drum Digital
05 February 2014

Is everything going to be ok?

Everyone knew the Mafikile family because they practically owned half the town’s businesses.

However, despite all his wealth and good looks, Ben Mafikile, Ron’s son and heir to the Mafikile Group of Mines, had failed to find a suitable wife, and now he had to rely on his father’s help.

Ben was every girl’s dream: talented and very charming. Rumour had it that he’d vowed only to go out with a woman he thought would make a great wife.

It was many a girl’s dream to be invited to one of Ben’s parties and to rub shoulders with the moneyed people, celebrities and those who just thought they were rich.

It was unclear what criteria was used to invite the young women. But those who attended the parties could see that only the most beautiful girls were in attendance.

Lindiwe had always secretly admired 30-year-old Ben. But knowing how slim her chances were of hooking up with him she’d thrust that thought away.

“This dress was ordered straight from Milan,” said Auntie Nombuso as she handed over an exquisite evening gown.

“When you’re wearing this dress, Ben’s eyes will be on you all night. You’ll beat all the competition there and soon the young millionaire will be eating out of the palm of your hand. And that’s when you’ll strike.”

Auntie Nombuso was Uncle Sizwe’s fourth wife, half his age and just as money-hungry as he was. Nombuso’s only hobby was shopping – around the globe.

Her appetite for the high life had driven Uncle Sizwe to get involved in questionable business deals.

Auntie Nombuso didn’t care where the money came from as long as she could maintain her trendy, luxurious lifestyle.

“Just imagine all the money we’ll have if you get your hands on those stones!” she rubbed her hands together. “And imagine the life of luxury you’ll enjoy if you get your hands on Ben Mafikile and his money.”

“Can’t you see that this is a win-win situation, Lindiwe?” Auntie Nombuso continued.

“You’ll get yourself a rich man and we’ll get the diamonds. Everyone will be happy.”

On the night of the party, Lindiwe could barely recognise herself in the evening gown.

Auntie Nombuso had hired her favourite hair and make-up artist to transform Lindiwe.

Because she wasn’t used to wearing designer clothes, Lindiwe felt overdressed.

“You look stunning,” Auntie Nombuso gushed. “One glance from you and Ben Mafikile will melt like an ice-cream in the blazing sun.”

“Please Auntie, stop exaggerating,” Lindiwe begged. “You know I’m no match for all those beautiful girls.”

Uncle Sizwe and Auntie Nombuso hired a limousine to take Lindiwe to the Mafikile residence.

“Here’s the code to the vault,” Uncle Sizwe said, handing Lindiwe a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it.

“Take these gloves so that you don’t leave fingerprints.”

“What if the vault is guarded?” Lindiwe asked.

“The entrance to the vault is never guarded. It’s disguised as a large book shelf. Once you press the bookshelf hard it will open to reveal the entrance to the vault. That’s when you’ll need to use the code I gave you.

Don’t worry, everything will be okay.”

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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