Stealing Diamonds 3/5

By Drum Digital
06 February 2014

Lindiwe is so close to getting her hands on those diamonds.

On the way to the party Lindiwe admired the inside of the sleek limo. Could she get used to this kind of life, she asked herself. She weighed her chances of succeeding and felt terrified. Stealing diamonds was not her thingbut she felt the weight of the pressure to fulfil her uncle’s wishes. The huge Mafikile residence looked like a modern castle nestled on a hilltop. Various gossip magazines claimed the house was built with the latest in modern technology and boasted ten bedrooms. When the limo reached the top of the driveway, the smell of freshly cut grass welcomed Lindiwe as she climbed out.

Two ushers led her to the hall where the party was being held. As she entered the elegantly decorated hall she could feel that people were staring at her. Other well-dressed women looked at her with envy in their eyes. She was just too much competition for them. The young men at the party couldn’t hide their admiration eitherand their eyes seemed to say, “I’d like to talk to you later.”

Lindiwe strode gracefully across the room like a supermodel. She knew she’d set the whole place ablaze as she walked towards her target.

As soon as Ben Mafikile saw her he was mesmerised. He shifted his attention from the young women who were desperately trying to monopolise him and focused on Lindiwe.

“I’m so pleased you could come,” Ben said after the greetings.

He took her hand and led her onto the dance floor as the cameras flashed. “I was really looking forward to seeing you,” he murmured.

“Really?” Lindiwe asked, with a teasing tone in her voice. “I had no idea!”

“It’s very difficult to get to you because that uncle of yours keeps you under lock and key,” he laughed

“I imagine he’s trying to protect me from players,” Lindiwe joked.

“Are you saying I’m a player?”

“No, not at all,” Lindiwe said, looking up into his handsome face.

Focus, girl, Lindiwe reminded herself. You’re not here to have fun. Get your hands on the diamonds. Get to the library!

“I hear you have a great collection of books,” said Lindiwe. “I’d like to look at some of them. Let’s go to the library . . . just the two of us.”

“That would be very nice,” Ben said. “That should give us time to talk, away from curious eyes.”

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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