Stealing Diamonds 5/5

By Drum Digital
08 February 2014

Lindiwe's uncle has other plans for her.

“SO, tell us,” Auntie Nombuso said after a cab had dropped Lindiwe back home. The limo had not been hired to return her.

“Where are the diamonds?”

“The party was fine,” Lindiwe said as she handed her uncle the gleaming stones.

“Good work my daughter,” Uncle Sizwe said with a smile. “You’ve officially joined our business.

There’s another party happening at another millionaire’s place next week. I’ll send you on another assignment.”

After updating Sizwe and Nombuso, Lindiwe escaped to her room. Thirty minutes later she sneaked out the back door, with one big suitcase that held all her belongings.

By the time her greedy uncle and aunt would find out that she’d given them fake diamonds she’d be working for the Mafikile Diamond Company and dating the wonderful Ben.

She’d move in with one of her female friends until Ben organised company accommodation for her.

And Lindiwe didn’t plan to have anything more to do with the criminal couple she’d left behind.

-by WN Tembo

The end.

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