Still no sign of Pretoria Zoo snake

By Drum Digital
25 March 2013

"Houdini", the two-metre black mamba that escaped from its enclosure at the Pretoria Zoo more than two weeks ago has still not been found.

"There is no further update," the zoo's marketing manager Craig Allanby said on Monday.

On Friday, Allanby said the snake could have been stolen, adding that there was a market for illegal trade in indigenous reptiles such as black mambas.

An internal investigation into the possible theft of the snake would be conducted to check if staff members could have been involved.

The hunt for Houdini started on March 11 after staff members realised the snake's terrarium was empty.

Since then prey such as rats were used to try and lure the snake out, but this was unsuccessful.

Infra-red cameras were also installed to detect radiation which is emitted by warm bodies.

-by Sapa

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