Stilo Magolide shades AKA

By Drum Digital
07 October 2016

According to Stilo, local rappers don't know how to dress themselves, so he thought he needed to lend them a helping hand

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral, Stilo said the whole point of styling was to help local rappers look better. "The whole point of styling for me was that... I used to watch music videos and be like 'Our local rappers are so terrible at dressing themselves'. Let me lend a helping hand. And that's what I did. It became a thing, and then went from styling all of South Africa's top rappers to into Africa."

He told Gareth that before he lent AKA a helping hand, his style look was "terrible". "He was terrible. His shoes were really tight. He literally would strangle his shoes. He was terrible," he said.

'His jeans were too tight, I think he went back to that, because now I'm not styling him anymore," he added.

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