Stoan Seate - The family man

By Drum Digital
11 May 2012

We are at the leafy, gated suburb of Deinfern where, after being stopped and questioned at the security gate, we finally drive in.

The sound of children playing in the streets fills the air while their nannies catch up with gossip on the well manicured lawns. We spot a sexy Chevrolet sports car and Corsa bakkie parked in the driveway of the home owned by popular muso Stoan Seate.

It’s evident that this well loved star has made a happy home for himself in these upmarket surroundings. At the door we are welcomed by Stoan’s wife Dollie who ushers us inside their comfortable home.

“Hello and welcome. I’d like you to meet my daughter Zahara – the real Zahara,” she laughs, pointing to a cute five-year old.

The youngster interrupts: “Are you here to shoot daddy and granny?” She is the spitting image of her dad who, we are told, is still caught up in the studio where he is putting the finishing touches to his upcoming second solo album.

But it gives us a bit of time to spend with his businesswoman mom, Caroline Abbot, and the family. “Dumelang bana ba me, how are you?” she greets us.

You would swear this striking woman was a 70’s model; she’s lean and tall, speaks softly and has a graceful manner about her. If she’s been nervous about the shoot, as Dollie has mentioned, it certainly doesn’t show.

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