Stokvel mamas build their own homes

By Drum Digital
30 March 2011

THE soft chatter in the dining room fades as a middle-aged woman, who walks with a spring in her step, comes in to lead the group of women in a prayer for guidance and strength.

These extraordinary women gather every sunday afternoon at fufuzile Mthethwa's home for fellowship and to share stories of joy and heartache, hope and disappointment. But above all, they meet to celebrate a business arrangement that is turning their dreams into a reality.

Despite only reaching Grade 4 at Khenani primary school in Kwa-Mthethwa, sharpwitted fufuzile clearly has all the qualities of a great leader and visionary. At 47, she is the chairlady of Masakhisane, a stokvel that was started by 100 women at Kwa-Mthethwa, near Mpangeni on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal, that empowers women with limited resources to pool their money and build homes for themselves.

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