Stop criticising and pray - Nala

By Drum Digital
03 October 2014

Despite mixed reactions by Christian and non-Christian members of the public towards TB Joshua, Nala believes the pastor is anointed and ordained by God.

Bishop H Q Nala of the Rebirth Family Centre in Umbilo, Durban, has been in the news in DRUM for his controversial claims that his “holy water” has healing properties to cure HIV and AIDS.

Despite mixed reactions by Christian and non-Christian members of the public towards TB Joshua following the collapse of the residence of the Synagogue Church of All Nations residency, he believes the Nigerian pastor is anointed and ordained by God, and thinks Christians should stop criticising but rather hold Joshua in prayers.

“I have never met TB Joshua but I became aware of his ministry in 2001 when I saw him healing people with terminal cancer on television. I run a miracle healing outreach programme in my church and his work has inspired me.

I have healed people who are in wheelchairs, those who are blind, mute or deaf. God works in the supernatural and healing is possible.

Though I am not necessarily a fan of his preaching, I am captivated by his ability to heal and prophesy. No man can perform the miracles Joshua does if he did not have the hand of God in his work.

I am ashamed to call myself a Christian today because Africans would much rather aid the devil and criticise Joshua than stand together in prayer and support him. Africans would much rather put their faith in a Sangoma and rely on witchcraft rather than believe in anointed healing.

In the book of John, Jesus healed a blind man, he also cast out demons and yet his community rejected him.

When a news reporter speaks to you on television, we believe that they are telling and showing us the truth. It is the same with Joshua and his television ministry. I would much rather believe what I see on T.V. than the gossip that comes from those who do not know what they are talking about.

I myself have legal grounds that if someone comes to my church they do so at their own risk. Should such a similar fate occur, my people need to ensure that they are covered by their own insurance.

While Joshua was funding the construction of the SCAON residence that collapsed, he is not an expert on construction work, this is not his fault.

I urge people to remain patient and wait for the outcome of the investigation by the Nigerian and South African government.

More well-known pastors speak out in this week's DRUM, on shelves now. 

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