Storing your precious weave

By Drum Digital
30 November 2013

Perfectly packaged hair.

Good weaves are expensive, and the best way to get your money’s worth is to re-use the weave as much as it allows.

But if you want to use your weave again, and again, and again- And still look fresh. Its important that you store it properly.

Here’s how to do it:

1.WASH AND CONDITION. After removing the hair weave from your head, braid the hair together into one or two large braids. The braids will keep the hair together while you wash and condition the hair.

2. BRAID AND BRUSH. Unravel the braid, and brush out to allow for the hair to dry.  Once the hair is dry,  tie the top of the hair near the wefts and braid the tracks of the hair together into one large braid- securing the ends.

3. STORE IT SAFELY. You can use  old pantyhose to store your hair. Use the leg part of the pantyhose to store one bundle of hair. The pantyhose  will help keep the hair neat, and also allow air to get to the hair, keeping your weave, fresh. Avoid storing your hair in a Ziploc plastic bag- this might cause molding.

You can then store all your hair bundles in a shoe box or in a small suitcase.

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