Strictly Come Dancing responds to Khanyi Mbau drama

By Drum Digital
28 August 2014

Khanyi Mbau yesterday broke her silence on her surprise exit from SABC show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Actress, socialite and self-proclaimed Queen of Bling (QOB)

Following scores of tweets from fans following her elimination from the show last week, murmurs around foul play surfaced.

Strictly's executive producer, Kee-Leen Irvine tweeted the QOB saying she missed her and looked forward to her return on the stage for the show's finale. Khanyi clapped back with an unexpected “I refuse to be part of a damage control episode. You know the truth,” further fueling questions about the voting process.

khanyiout Photo: Khanyi on what was to be her last evening on the show.

The SABC has since issued a statement regarding the show's voting procedure. The statement, as seen on The Juice, is as follows:

"The public is prompted to vote contestants to remain “in” the show instead of being “voted off” the show.

The rules clearly state the closing time for valid votes and any votes (SMS’ES) received after the closing time do not count. All contestants are subjected to the same rule.

Judges votes count for 50% and viewer votes count for another 50 %.

The combined scores and viewer votes determine the couples’ points for the night.

If two couples end up with the same number of points, the couple with the higher viewer votes escapes the dance-off.

In the event of a dance off, the judges decide totally independently on who wins the dance-off and it’s solely based on that specific performance only. No public votes are considered at this stage, as the voting lines are already closed." Kee-Leen went on to say that she felt for Khanyi as she had put in a great amount of work throughout her time on Strictly SA.  "In getting to know her I developed a very strong respect for her. She exited very graciously from the show and received my disappointment and commiserations in a very gracious manner. I totally understand and empathise with her disappointment as she put a lot of work into this – many, many hours,” she remarked. While both sides appear to be sticking to their stories, we will wait and see if this matter is solved amicably. We hope the QOB will change her mind about the show's finale and give all her supporters another unforgettable performance. This is just some of the love and disappointment that's poured in since she left:

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