Stuck in a routine? Change your lifestyle and explore

By Drum Digital
17 March 2015

A safe lifestyle can be dangerous and limiting; take more risks and leave a spontaneous life.

Travel the world

Get away  from what you know. Adventure is good; seeing other people's lifestyles will open up your mind and general perspective.

Change jobs

If you are not happy, and you are always considering skipping a day of work, then you need to change jobs. Because you spend most of your time in the workplace, it needs to be a happy place.

Move to a new house

Down-sizing can be a great stress reliever . Ask yourself if you need all the extra rooms in your current house. Less bills, less stress.

Volunteer your time

Seeing less fortunate people, will make realise how much you have and appreciate the 'little' you have. Helping other people will make you feel good about yourself.

Get more active

Routine can mean that you are not active, plus your body will adapts and get comfortable. So instead of the elevator, use the stairs. Leave your car at home and use the bus and get off at a further bus-stop and walk home.


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