Student creates body-switching machine

By Drum Digital
02 August 2014

A student has created a gadget that allows a person to effectively swap bodies with someone else.

A student has created a machine which they claim will allow people to swap bodies.

Yifei Chai designed the machine as part of his studies at Imperial College, London, United Kingdom, by combining virtual reality goggles and a machine that sends electronic shocks to force muscles to mimic the movement set by the controller.

Chai told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "On the first level, the project explores what it means to control and be controlled.

"Furthermore, because users are able to step into the bodies of another person, they can experience, first hand, real social interactions, and have the opportunity to behave under another persona without physical restrictions. Resulting in the first, one of a kind, real life identity exploration tool."

The system still has its limitations but there is talk that it could be used in "immersive gaming".

-Bang Showbiz

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