Student who wanted gay-friendly prom sues school

By Drum Digital
23 March 2012

A U.S. student says in a federal lawsuit that administrators removed him as student body president after he promoted changes aimed at making the annual prom more inclusive to gay students.

Reuben Lack, 18, is asking a judge to issue an injunction reinstating him as student body president.

Lack said he introduced a resolution at a January student council meeting to modify Alpharetta High School's "prom king and queen" tradition to make the dance event more inclusive to gay students. He suggested several options, including changing it to "prom court" so a same-sex couple could be elected, he said in the lawsuit.

Lack says school officials told him Feb. 8 that he was immediately removed from his position for "pushing personal projects" and advocating policy changes.

School officials couldn't immediately be reached for comment early Friday.

"The whole point of student government is that it's supposed to be an exercise or an education in democracy," said Lack's attorney, James Radford Jr. "This is completely undemocratic."

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