Stun grenades fired in Cape Town CBD Kabila protest

By Drum Digital
19 December 2016

Pedestrians scattered at midday in the Cape Town CBD on Monday when stun grenades were fired at a group of about 200 protesters gathered at Thibault Square.

Cape Town –

According to a Central City Improvement District (CCID) officer, the group – some draped in Congolese flags – gathered from 10:00 this morning.

It is understood the protest revolved around Congolese President Joseph Kabila, whose term expires on Tuesday.

He has, however, not shown any sign of stepping down, News24 has previously reported, and mediation talks have failed, sparking fears of fresh political violence in the mineral-rich but unstable Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Stun grenades were fired on Monday after attempts by police to disperse the crowd peacefully failed, the CCID officer said.

"People just ran when grenades fired. They just ran in all directions," he said.

Source: News24

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