Super storage ideas for kids’ rooms

By Drum Digital
07 May 2014

Little people sure can accumulate a lot of stuff! And it seems the smaller (or more accurately, younger) the child, the bigger the jumble of toys, books and general chaos you have to store away in their rooms. We found these fabulous ideas for repurposed and DIY storage on Pinterest to help you bring a semblance of order to your child’s room.

Build for a bookworm

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It might look like a purpose-built piece of furniture but this lovely reading couch is a tall bookcase turned on its side with legs attached. Make a mattress to fit and a few cushions, add a mat and a bean bag and you have a lovely reading nook.

Play and display

Picture pinned from Ali S. B

An old display cabinet that’s seen better days will make gorgeous storage after a lick of paint (inside and out) in your choice of colour.

Plant an idea

Picture pinned from Danielle Galbreath

Soft toys, chunky building blocks, balls and lots more will find a good home in these wall-mounted planters. And when your kids have outgrown the need for them you can always move them out to the garden.

Check these decks

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Worn-out skateboard decks make natty shelves – repaint them if you like then simply suspend on pairs of brackets.

Creative crates

Picture pinned from Kristina Chaney

Plastic crates in cheery colours liven up a room and are a versatile storage solution. Use a layout that’s low and long for smaller kids or pile them up high for older ones. To prevent the whole lot from collapsing, use cable ties to join them together – they’re easy to remove if you want to change the configuration but strong enough to provide stability.

– Alfie Steyn

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