SuperMom birthday cake competition winners

17 April 2014

We asked you to send in pictures of your children’s favourite birthday cakes you’ve baked and up for grabs was a great prize from Checkers. The response was overwhelming – there are definitely a few master bakers in the SuperMom community.

Our winners are Amanda Hassan, Milly Spies and Rehana Seedat. Go to the gallery at the bottom of this article to have a look at all the other incredible entries we received.

Amanda Hassan

I got this idea from the children’s movie How to Train Your Dragon. Little Yaqeen (6) loves the dragons in the movie. I wanted to capture as much as possible of the character’s personality in the cake – no wonder it took me eight hours to make! I started with the head and horns using Rice Krispies treat mix and left it to harden for four days then I started shaping the fondant, and voila! The cake is a chocolate caramel sponge. Yaqeen’s expression was so cute when he saw the cake – he couldn’t believe it!

Milly Spies

I baked this cake for my daughter Christlene’s second birthday. I planned it long in advance and she loved it. I used Google and YouTube to see how you make flowers and figures; I practised every day until I was satisfied. I bought a flower press, made a few flowers each day and kept them in a Tupperware container. I chose a Martha Stewart recipe for the cake and baked two layers for the bottom and two smaller layers for the top. The entire cake was covered with butter icing that I coloured with mint-green jelly colouring. I tried to make a chicken because my daughter loves her pet chicken, CheepyLeepsy, but I couldn’t get it right so I made the bird which the little poppet is holding on her lap. The roses were hard to make and I won’t easily tackle those again. It’s a lot of work!

Rehana Seedat

My daughter Tabassum (6) is besotted with fairy castles – she even regards the high-rise apartment buildings we’re surrounded by as castles. I made this princess castle cake for her sixth birthday. I used a basic sponge recipe and built the towers around it.

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