Survive Valentine’s day as a parent

12 February 2015

Valentine’s Day usually bombards us with soppy messages of love and couples going on hot dates.

But parents don’t have just themselves to think of and the reality is that many never get to celebrate the day – simply because it’s too much hassle and most of the soppy love stuff that shops try to sell us doesn’t include the kids. But don’t despair – here at Supermom we believe being romantic can still include the little ones (to a degree). Here are some ideas that will keep the children involved, happy and busy and still show the person you love that you’re thinking of them. For more on each of the ideas below, visit our Pinterest page - click here.

1. Valentine’s breakfast. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that we don’t even know where to start with this: Heart shaped eggs. Strawberry heart shaped pancakes. Heart shaped bacon. Go bananas – and get the kids to help you. Breakfast in bed (with food in heart shapes) will mean you all get an hour of munching and chatting and laughing on the bed and in today’s busy time, an hour like that is a precious gift.

2. A Valentine’s card made by the kids. Once again, there are millions of ideas. Dipping their hands or feet in paint and adding an inscription, melting crayons in the oven to form multi-coloured hearts, and more. There are many fun inscriptions you can use that the kids will enjoy too, like drawing a picture of a creature with big eyes and writing ‘I only have eyes for you’ or drawing a picture of a banana and writing ‘I’m bananas about you’. Don’t worry if it’s corny – it is, after all, Valentine’s Day (because when else are you allowed to indulge in a corny pun?)!

3. Gift ideas. Let the children help you to sew a heart onto his favourite shirt’s elbow (but in the interest of not making it look tacky, choose a neutral colour. Or if you’re worried he might not appreciate the alteration, do it on his handkerchief or something that isn’t too visible, like the bottom of a tie or an undershirt. Another idea is to let the children help you choose the best love songs and make a modern day version of the mix tape – add the music to a USB or his iPod and let him listen to it on his way to work. You can even add a recording made on your phone with a special message from you and/or the kids. Or what about a photo frame with a nice picture of the two of you that the kids can decorate and that he can put on his desk at work?

4. Sweets for your sweet. What would Valentine’s be without candy? This is one the kids can enjoy too, since whatever you choose to make can be replicated for each child. Think mason jars filled with red and pink jelly beans, red velvet cupcakes, a packet of peanuts with the note ‘I’m nuts about you’ or just a red lolly pop with a note stuck to the stick. A batch of freshly baked heart shaped cookies also goes a long way – and the kids can help to decorate it.

5. Night out. Once you’ve chosen your above activity, go ahead and book a babysitter. Because let’s face it: being parents doesn’t mean you don’t need to be alone together. If you’re too late to book one for the day, choose another day and celebrate in your own time – even if your kind of celebrating means sitting on the couch together.

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