Swazi govt denies King Mswati III has banned divorce

By Drum Digital
20 April 2017

The Swazi government has denied claims made in media reports that King Mswati III has banned divorce in the kingdom

, a report on Thursday said.

Swazi government spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini told the SABC that the story was taken out of context. He said King Mswati III was only trying to emphasise the importance of marriage.

The king was "merely making a call for the nation to engage in conversation instead of resorting to divorce", Dlamini was quoted as saying.

"There is no law banning divorce in Swaziland, when the King meets people, he usually talks about issues of national interest for families especially, and for the strengthening of Swazi culture. Swazi culture is one of those cultures which seek for families to be united," Dlamini reportedly said.

This comes after media reports claimed that King Mswati III had told religious leaders over Easter weekend that divorce was against Swazi culture.

According to eNCA, the Swazi monarch instructed religious leaders to inform Swazis that divorces were against culture.

The report said: "He's instructed them to inform citizens that there will be no pulling out from marriage, once it takes place.

"His directive comes as the kingdom's attorney-general is drafting a marriage bill which will make it easier to divorce, particularly for women."

In 2013 reports claimed that the country's members of Parliament were banned from divorcing their spouses and that those who were in the process of divorce were told to hold off until their terms of office ended.

Source: News24

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