Sweet news from Mars!

By Qhama Dayile
03 March 2017


After years of speculation, Cadbury Dairy Milk has confirmed there is life on Mars – and the Martians love chocolate!

From 6 March South Africans can see the brand’s new TV ad that shows what happened when a group of lovable Martians tasted their first Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Let’s just say Joy ensued.

It’s no surprise to see Cadbury Dairy Milk spreading Joy, but no one could predict it would go interplanetary! People have wondered for centuries if there was intelligent life out there in the universe – and what better proof of the Martians’ intelligence than the fact that they love Cadbury Dairy Milk?

Cadbury Dairy Milk is South Africa’s best-loved chocolate – and now, apparently, Mars’ too! Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs are available in a variety of fabulous flavours and formats for all occasions under the Sun and are perfect if you want to make yourself or your loved ones feel over the Moon – just like the Martians do.

Fans will see the Martians popping up in unexpected places from here on out. Now that they’ve discovered the Joy of Cadbury Dairy Milk, what is their favourite variety? And what will they do when they exhaust their stash on Mars? Could we expect a sweet invasion of Earth?

Cadbury Dairy Milk will be celebrating the Joyous discovery with this entertaining new TV advert as well other exciting happenings in the next few months. #SweetInvasion

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