Tackling fear in business

By Drum Digital
04 November 2013

Here are some coping skills to deal with fear when running a business

Acknowledge it

The first step to dealing with any kind of fear is to actually acknowledge that you are afraid of something. It might help to put down in writing exactly what you are afraid of – you could even share in a letter to friends or family. In writing you may realise that whatever you are fearing is not really a big deal.

Talk to someone

Talking to someone will allow you to brainstorm and develop coping strategies for dealing with problems if they actually occur.

Stay positive

Its easier said than done but staying positive is a good strategy for dealing with fear. Focus on the good foreseeble future.

 Keep working

It’s important that you keep working and don’t let fear interrupt your working practices. Concentrate on working rather than speculating about “what if” scenarios and your business will be far healthier as a result.

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