Take beautiful pictures with your cellphone

21 June 2014

You don’t have to fork out a small fortune on getting a professional photographer to take pictures of your child. Your smartphone provides you with everything you need to take the pictures yourself. Here are eight tips to help you take fantastic family pictures.

1. Lighting

Avoid taking pictures when the sun is at its brightest. The best time of the day to take pictures is early in the morning or towards dusk when the sun’s rays are soft and flattering and your cellphone can capture the beautiful colours. When taking indoor pictures check there’s enough light in the room, YOU photographer Peet Mocke says. “If there’s too little light the pictures will be blurry.”

2. Stabilise your cellphone

The slightest movement can ruin a picture. Ensure the cellphone doesn’t move by supporting your arms or pressing them against your body. When taking pictures of a moving subject such as a child who’s learning to walk, hold the camera and follow the toddler at the same speed they’re moving. This ensures your child remains in focus while the background blurs.

3. Capture the moment

Don’t torture yourself by waiting for the right moment to take the perfect shot. If your two-year-old won’t sit still, capture the moment as is. Often these pictures are more natural.

4. Sink to their level

Sit on your haunches or even lie flat on your stomach to capture your toddler’s facial expressions best.

5. Use high resolution

Always check your cellphone camera has been set to the highest possible resolution. This way you’ll get the best-quality pictures.

6. Avoid digital zoom

Try to avoid using the digital zoom function as it reduces the quality of pictures. Rather move closer to the people you want to snap.

7. Background

“Check that the background is not too busy,” Peet advises. This shifts the focus from your kids and sometimes creates the impression they have things sprouting from their heads.

8. Use the entire screen

Use the camera’s entire screen to fill the picture, Peet says. When you print the picture you’ll have a beautiful detailed pic.

-Shané Barnard

Extra source: obabyapp.com

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