Taking a leap of faith

By Drum Digital
25 August 2010

THEIR love blossomed from a budding friendship to a deep, lasting relationship and their bond grew so strong not even the scepticism of their friends or the wrath of his family could come between them.

Samuel Khumalo and Sharon Motaung have fought long and hard to become Mr and Mrs – and even after tying the knot they’ve had to agree to disagree on several issues.Yet there’s one thing the Generations couple just can’t see eye to eye on: kids. She wants them desperately but he’s been burnt badly in the past so he’s afraid to risk his heart again.

The latest twist in the Khumalos’ lives has fans of the hit soapie on the edges of their seats: Sharon is pregnant. It’s her wish come true – but how will Samuel react?

It’s drama with a capital D! And as the action swirled on the set we decided to whisk the actors who play the couple – Kagiso Rakosa (27) and Thabiso Mokhethi (27) – off to the Westcliff Hotel for the first shoot of spring. Situated in Jozi’s most exclusive residential suburb, with a prime hillside setting, the Westcliff Hotel – with its manicured gardens and breathtaking views – is the perfect setting.

As she preened and pouted and he posed and charmed, we spoke to the good-looking TV twosome to find out what’s in their hearts, what’s on their minds and what makes their world go round...

More than just a job

Generations is a way of life for these two and their characters have become extensions of themselves. Which is why they take things that happen to Samuel and Sharon very seriously – and this baby business is clearly uppermost in their minds.

He says... You must remember, Samuel has wanted to become a father for the longest time. But every time he had a chance it was taken away.

First he fell in love with pregnant runaway Cindy and was ready to be the father of her child, even though it wasn’t his. But towards the end of her pregnancy Cindy ran back to her parents and her boyfriend, leaving Samuel high, dry and very disappointed.

Then when he met Palesa, having a baby almost became an obsession. She finally fell pregnant but miscarried after a few months. When Sam loves, he loves completely and he was shattered when Palesa lost the baby. Now he isn’t willing to consider having a baby. To him, he has closed that chapter and doesn’t want to get hurt again.

She says... Deep down Sharon believes Sam wants to be a dad but every time she brings it up he finds a way to shoot her down. He tries to convince her they are not ready to give up their freedom by becoming parents and she’s confused.

Her sister-in-law, Ntombi, tells her Sam may just be hurt but does want a baby, and advises Sharon to tell him the news before she makes any drastic decisions. Now she has to pluck up the courage to tell him and deal with his reaction.

I love the new direction my character has taken. The storyline is exciting and the developments have been a good learning curve for me. Generations is my school and it’s all about growing. I’m telling a story and I’m loving it!

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