Talk About Spark

By Drum Digital
13 October 2010

IT’S JUST gone 11 on a Friday morning but she deserves a glass of champagne, she announces and the handsome young guy with her agrees. After all, it’s their first cover shoot together and that’s enough reason to celebrate, isn’t it?

For these two, it’s the end of another successful working week and time to get into the mood for the weekend. In no time a well-chilled bottle has been ordered and Dineo Ranaka and Moeti “Mo Flava” Tsiki are happily toasting each other with amber bubbles. The easy chemistry between them is clear to see – and it’s made their music show, Club 808, a favourite among lovers of smooth, funky sounds.Their personalities are as sparkly as the drink they’re enjoying, which has also resulted in the pair (who are both 26) being two of the main drawcards on trendy radio station YFM. Mo presents the popular morning show Flava in The Morning, while Dineo helps ease the journey home for thousands of Gautengers on her afternoon show, Dineo Live on Drive.

There’s always a lot of joking and laughter between them, as Dineo is known for her sense of humour. She’s forever teasing Mo, who reclines lazily on the couch but gives as good as he gets.

Yet these two work hard in between the fun. Dineo, single mother of 11-month-old son Kgosi, is also an in-demand MC at gigs, while Mo co-owns a nightclub in Pretoria and has invested in a media company.

We spend time with this go-getter pair who can talk anyone under the table...

On YFM and presenting together

Dineo (snuggling up to Mo on the couch) We’re like brother and sister. We’ve been looking out for each other since we met.

Mo And what you see on TV is what you get – we’re not being fake. I’ve known Dineo for four years and I think what helps us get along is we are two very different people. I appreciate her humour and I think she appreciates my deep, thinking personality [laughs].

Dineo Ja, and I respect the way he can be brutally honest with me.

Mo (nods) If I don’t like something I’ll tell her – there are no secrets here!

On being labelled celebrities

Dineo Our lives may seem OTT and glam but there are times when I’m just Dineo the daughter, the sister and the mother, which means spending time with people who recognise the idiot in me. I don’t live my life according to the celebville stereotype. I live by the rules and ethics my mom and dad taught me.

Mo I’m not a celebrity, I’m a broadcaster. I didn’t come into this industry with the intention of being famous. I came from a journalistic background and I talk about people and celebs, so I don’t consider myself one. But don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy praise and appreciation for my work.

Dineo Yes, but you’ll never see him on the red carpet at a fancy event, answering questions about his style. That’s so me! KEEPING IT REAL Dineo and Mo had modest beginnings. Mo grew up in Dube, Soweto, with a teacher mom and a salesman dad. Dineo’s dad, Clifford, was a well-known journalist and photographer.

Mo studied journalism at Boston Media House before getting into radio while Dineo started on radio when she was 19 years old. Mo I’ve realised you need to keep focused on the real reason you’re doing what you do – and in that way build up a credible reputation. I know I have to keep myself on track and forget the TV shows, the money, the girls and free cellphones. I want to be remembered as a guy who was great at what he did, not the man who got a lot of free stuff!

Dineo This industry shimmers from afar, but when you’re close to it you realise you have to compromise or you can easily lose yourself. The trick is not to keep a team of ‘yes-men’ around you, and not to be arrogant. I like to be guarded by people who are not part of the glitz, who are true friends with no hidden agendas.

Mo I totally agree; the company you keep is very important. I have regular friends and not so many in the industry, except for Dineo. I don’t want contrived friendships. Above all, you need to respect the craft, because after all, that’s what made you.

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