Tata's Anger 2/4

By Drum Digital
18 January 2014

'Tata is not going to like this.'

What with all the excitement and listening to what people were saying, I forgot about my errand for Tata.

When I saw some of my friends playing football on a piece of vacant ground I couldn’t resist joining them.

I love football and my feet were itching for the ball. I thought I’d just join in for a couple of minutes but it took a lot longer than that. You see, the side I’d joined was two goals down.

I like challenges and everyone knows it. I played as if possessed! I made scoring opportunities for my side but they didn’t use them.

Our opponents were determined to close us down and if possible, increase their score. But we wouldn’t let them do that. We fought back hard.

As a playmaker I continued to create opportunities for my side. I zigzagged past my opponents like lightning and made short passes to my teammates.

But they ran out of steam near the goalposts. We kept up the pressure though, making daring attacks until it paid off. We needed one more goal to equalise so we kept the pressure on, wave after wave.

The game was exciting. Sweat mixed with dust and streaked our bodies. We were screaming and shouting for someone to pass us the ball. Our opponents were trying to keep us down but we swarmed over them like ants.

“Vuyo!” In the middle of all the excitement I heard my younger brother, Monde, call my name. I looked up and there he was, on the side-lines.

“Tata is calling you!” he said.

I could have killed him. Why me? I asked. Just when I was enjoying myself, there my brother appeared out of the blue to spoil everything.

Then I calmed down and remembered I was actually on an errand and should have known better.

When my father calls, you stop whatever you’re doing and run to him. This is what I did. I ran home. I could hear some guys laughing behind my back. They were laughing at me.

“Where were you?” Monde asked.

“Why did you take so long? And you were playing football! Tata is not going to like this. He’s been waiting for you for a long time.”

I said nothing. It was difficult to say anything. My mouth was dry. I tried to open it but nothing came out.

-by Zanozuko Mzamo

To be continued…

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