Tata's Anger 3/4

By Drum Digital
19 January 2014

Is Vuyo going to find the lost money?

On entering the gate of our home, I dipped my hands in my pocket, the money wasn’t there! I couldn’t think. Sweat broke out on my forehead.

By then my father was standing on the doorstep waiting for us. He saw me hesitating and summoned me. I couldn’t escape.

“Vuyo,” he said. “Where were you? Why did you take you so long?”

“I found him playing football, Tata,” Monde said.

That made things worse. My father told my brother to fetch him a stick.

I looked at my brother with pleading eyes. I hoped he would have pity and bring something light. But he disappeared behind the house without even looking at me. I could see a sly grin on his face.

My father grabbed me and dragged me into the house. He told me he was disappointed in me and that I needed to be punished.

My brother came back with a big, thick stick.

My father gave me the hiding of my life that day and I promised never to disobey him again.

Once I had stopped crying and cleaned my face my father told me to go look for the money and not to return until I had found it. Monde had told him I’d lost it.

I went back to the playground, feeling very sorry for myself. The score was unchanged but my heart was not in the game anymore. Someone asked me to join in but I shook my head. I was not up to it.

After a while the match ended and everyone headed home.

One guy came over and sat next to me. His name was Themba. He put his arm around my shoulders and asked what the matter was. I told him I’d lost my father’s money and that I had come back to look for it.

“Let’s look for it together,” he said.

We combed the playground, pushing and lifting the sand with our feet but to no avail. We even used our hands. We went around the field but there was no sign of the money. Then I remembered!

-by Zanozuko Mzamo

To be continued…

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