Tata's Anger 4/4

By Drum Digital
20 January 2014

How will everything turn out for Vuyo?

I remembered approaching the playground from the shops and seeing my friends playing. But of course! I had tucked the money under a stone that was used as one of the goal posts so that it wouldn’t get lost while I played.

Why had I forgotten that? I couldn’t understand.

Could it still be there?

My heart was pounding as I raced to turn the stone over.

And there was the money! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I shrieked and jumped with joy. Themba joined me, lifting me up like a hero. I thanked him for helping me and we both dashed back to our respective homes.

When I got home I sat outside for a while. It was cold and dark outside. I sat on the doorstep, trembling with hunger and cold. I didn’t have the strength to face my father just yet. But I didn’t want to stay outside either.

I panicked. I thought: What if there are ghosts out here? I’d heard a lot of stories about ghosts lurking in the dark.

I was afraid.

Then I saw a white figure approaching me. From top to bottom, it was covered in white.

At first I thought I was imagining things. But as it came closer I saw it was real. I panicked and ran into the house. The door was unlocked.

My father and mother were seated at the table. Before I could creep off to my room Tata grabbed me and hugged me.

“Where have you been? We were worried about you!”

“I’ve seen a ghost, Tata,” I said, panting.

Then I heard Monde’s laughter coming through the window.

It was him dressed in a sheet! My little brother was up to his old tricks again.

As I sat down to have my supper I remembered Tata’s hug and the embrace of my new friend Themba.

Tata loved me.

And when I’d thought I had lost the money I’d gained a friend. No hiding could take that away from me.

-by Zanozuko Mzamo

The end.

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