Tattoo caution (1/2)

By Drum Digital
28 April 2015

Tattoos are explained as a form of expression, but before expressing yourself you need to consider a few things.

Trends Don’t Last

Be it a nautical anchor or a phrase in a foreign language, as with fashion, such trends will pass. Before you get your tattoo done, consider the permanence of that design you are going to get inked on your skin. So put a pin on whatever you have in mind, especially if it’s a couple/best friend tattoo. While a tattoo might not be forever, it sure is ‘till death do us part’.

People Will Judge

Life is short, but long enough for you to experience the consequences. Despite being so ingrained into our culture and no longer that much of a taboo in today’s society, tattooed individuals will still be judged, whether you like it or not. With this being said, the question here is – are you ready for that, especially if it concerns your career?

While an increasing number of companies are beginning to be more open and lax with body arts, most that operate in formal corporate settings still require employees to be able to cover up their tattoos in business meetings. Not that getting inked is a no-no, but give a second thought to what you want to get on your skin and where you it on.

Author: Monica Leslie

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