Taxi union fires president Mthembu

By Drum Digital
21 May 2012

Santaco president Jabulani Mthembu has been given the boot after an internal probe accused him of committing fraud, the organisation said on Monday.

Auditing firm Tayfin's Mahier Tayob said the decision by the SA National Taxi Council to expel its president was a recommendation following the findings of an audit.

Mthembu apparently claimed money for his accommodation during his term as president. Tayob alleged Mthembu had been staying at a guesthouse in Silver Lakes, Pretoria, which the organisation paid for, only to find he already had a private residence.

Internal investigations revealed the guesthouse Mthembu named does not exist. Mthembu allegedly managed to get R965,821 from the organisation using the claims. Mthembu was suspended in December 2011 and expelled on May 2.

The organisation was still conducting investigations into another four allegations against him and intended laying criminal charges.

Mthembu was replaced by his deputy, Mlayedwa Msiza.

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