TB Joshua must step up as a leader- McCauley

By Drum Digital
03 October 2014

McCauley has been the only pastor in SA who has been publicly outspoken about the tragedy.

Ray McCauley, president of the Rhema Family Church and co-chairman of the National Religious Leaders Council is one of the most respected clergymen in the country ministering to hundreds of people at one of the biggest churches in South Africa.

Thus far, he has been the only pastor in SA who has been publicly outspoken in the media about his views and understanding of the tragedy that has taken place at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria, under the leadership of Pastor TB Joshua.

Ray McCauley says:

“While TB Joshua claims that he is a miracle healer, it is my understanding that Jesus Christ is the healer and He alone can do miracles. What concerns me is that over 1000 South African’s travelled to Nigeria, as leaders we need to ask ourselves why this is so.

However, we know that when people who suffering or are faced with a terminal illnes they do become desperate and would go to great lengths to seek healing.

TB Joshua has presented himself as a prophet and yet, today, many people are questioning his authenticity. It is not my place to judge whether he is a false prophet or not

However, any person who believes they have a gift or calling into fulltime ministry must be recognised by their Pastors and Leadership in the local church in which they are committed as members.  Once they have proven themselves after a certain time, they would be ordained by that church.

A pastor’s ministry must also operate under the covering of a recognised denomination umbrella body. This means that pastors must be accountable to somebody, it is dangerous to operate alone without any accountability. In the case of TB Joshua he does not operate under any recognised Christian organisation.

The only thing that is left to do is for TB Joshua to step up as a leader and address the public and the media and give some kind of explanation to dispel hearsay. People are looking for answers and there are conspiracy theories out there.

Rhema will work with the government in providing counselling for the grieving families.”

More well-known pastors speak out in this week's DRUM, on shelves now. 

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