Tbo-Touch allegedly earned a staggering R200K a month at Metro FM

By Drum Digital
10 November 2016

Everything Tbo-Touch touches is big, including the R200 000 salary he used to take home when he was with Metro

Times Live reported that the charismatic DJ spoke to Kaya FM DJ, T-Bose Mokwele about the earlier days of his career, back when he earned about R 4200 a month. He termed that a frustrating time in his career.

When T-Bose asked how much he was earning when he left, Touch revealed that he was making almost 48 times the original amount. "About R200,000 a month, when I left. It was nice. It was a nice cheque," Touch told T-Bose. He also told T-Bose that he left Metro FM out of principle. "No one has ever left at their prime, if you look at where I was. When you look at where I was, you know, what I've done. You don't make that kinda decision when you're earning the biggest cheque in the building, and you're saying 'I'm out' out of principle," Touch said.

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