TBT: SA musical groups we wish could be revived

By Drum Digital
19 January 2017

Oh! How we wish these bands could just hook up again and bless our airwaves with their music.

Sadly, some of the group members are no longer with us but do you remember how we used to jams to their songs? Today, DRUM wants to take you back to the good old days of when our country’s music industry was at its peak.

Bongo Maffin

Doing an interview just now with @vuzutv @stoanito @speedythegift @kingtha #jahseed

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Thandiswa Mazwai brought her amazing African and jazzy voice, Stoan Seate came with his Setswana touch and Jah Seed’s husky voice topped it all off.

Skwatta Kamp 

Allday! Everyday! ??? #SkwattaKamp A photo posted by L.N.Moya (@leorna_moya) on

Okay, this is the group that used to get us wondering how they shared the money. We jammed to Umoya though.

Boom Shaka

BOOM SHAKA #90s #boomshaka #southafrica

If only the late Lebo Mathosa could come back. This group used to be a hit. Let’s not even talk about their racy dance moves.


We miss those days when Malaika’s songs used to play at every wedding celebration. Man!

Liquid deep

#housemusic is for all

Ziyon and Ryzor should just get together again. Have you even heard any hit track from either of them since they’ve both gone solo? Exactly!

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