Teach your child healthy eating habits

By Drum Digital
07 April 2014

Healthy eating is all about educating your child from an early stage about food. Here are some easy ways to help them love nutritious food.

Nutrition between the period of childhood and adolescence is vital as it’s important for growth and development. Naazneen Khan – nutrition, health and wellness manager at Nestlé South Africa – shares a few tips on how to ensure your kids have good eating.

  • Help your child to know what good food is and what is unhealthy. Children tend to have a preference for certain foods and if you introduce them to a variety they’ll be challenged to think differently.
  • Take your child along when you do grocery shopping and involve them in the preparation of meals. It’s educational and will develop an interest in different kinds of foods.
  • Always follow the packaging guidelines and stick to the portion sizes. Don’t overeat and encourage your child to think they need more food. Consult a nutritionist if you aren’t sure what the specific portion is for your child.
  • Cut down on deep-fried food. Try to use a variety of healthier cooking styles such as grilling, baking or steaming your food. Low-fat or fat-free dairy products are good options and opt for skinless chicken and lean meat.
  • Don’t stock your cupboards with too many chocolates and chips. Make sure there’s always fruit and wholegrain treats to snack on and that they drink water. But do allow your child a treat now and then.

Source: Naazneen Khan on behalf of Nestlé South Africa

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