Teacher sentenced to life for rape

By Drum Digital
29 July 2015

Magistrage Audrey Mpofu sentenced a Soweto teacher to life imprisonment on Tuesday for raping a schoolboy.

In April, Mpofu found the teacher, who cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of the minor complainant, guilty of raping the boy, then aged 10, on school premises in November 2013, Times Live reported.

The HIV-positive Soweto primary school teacher who raped a boy at the school has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Even when Jaco Strydom, the teacher’s defense attorney had pleaded with the court for a lesser sentence, Mpofu found no reason for her to give the 46-year-old teacher a lesser sentence than the prescribed minimum of life for the rape of a child younger than 16.

Strydom said the man had been in custody for almost two years, had lost his house and cars as well as the retirement fund he had accumulated over his 17-year career and his five children were living with their paternal grandmother as their mother had been in hospital for two months, the report continued.

Times Live said that prosecutor Cheryl Slack called for the life sentence and said that the man did not use a condom when he raped the boy, placing the boy in danger of being infected with HIV.

Mpofu said the man was educated and was fully aware of the effects of HIV because he had been living with the virus for eight years, the report said.

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