Teen shot dead in Cape Town

By Drum Digital
17 January 2013

A teenager was shot and killed in Ottery on Thursday morning, Western Cape police said.

"I can confirm the incident happened but further details will only be available later from officers on the scene," Captain Frederick van Wyk said.

ANC councillor Majidie Abrahams, who was at the scene, said the boy was apparently going to buy bread when he was gunned down in front of his house near Lotus High School.

"His body is lying here on the pavement and the kids can't go to school because they're scared," he said.

"It's gang-related with fights over turf to sell drugs. The community is divided between two different blocks of flats and the situation is volatile. The community is still in uproar."

The councillor was trying to establish the age of the teenager but said he was not a pupil at the high school.

Abrahams said the gang fight had been ongoing for the last eight months, with the last casualty, also a teenager, buried on Wednesday.

He criticised the lack of police presence in the area.

"Today there are hordes of police officers around but when I was here yesterday, there was a low profile."


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