Teething: a survival guide

By Drum Digital
18 April 2014

Experts advice on remedies for painful teething

Oh, the terrible teething period! It’s enough to make most moms break out in a cold sweat. The tears, the sleepless nights (for baby and mom) and the feeling of helplessness as you watch your baby struggle, leave most moms desperate for help. We spoke to Sister Lilian Paramor (of The Sister Lilian Centre), Sister Lorraine Mey and paediatrician Dr Alison Baxter and put together this teething survival guide for you.

Tips on how to alleviate the pain

  • Give baby an iced lolly to suck on; they’re old enough (freeze rooibos tea or fresh fruit juices).
  • Teething rings are great to gnaw on.
  • Put teething gel or powder on a clean finger and rub on the gums.
  • If baby teethes very slowly and with great difficulty, the tissue salt remedies calc phos (calcium phosphate) should be given to ease the process.
  • Baby might not feel like eating while teething. Be patient about the return to a full diet; their appetite will improve as they start feeling better.
  • Loose stools associated with teething can be improved with camomile tablets and a probiotic.

-          Supermom

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